Purpose & Vision

“A lesson learned, should be a lesson shared!”

At SynergyJar, our purpose is to shoulder the Building of Lasting Communities. We hope that the clarity and insights our users share will make strides within the industries we serve. In so doing, we play a critical role in developing tomorrow’s leaders and building a better working world for our public owners, for our partners and for our communities.
In a world that is changing faster than ever, our purpose acts as our ‘North Star’ guiding thousands of individuals in organizations nationwide – providing the context and meaning for the work they do every day.

Purpose + Vision

Empowering Organizations through Collaboration

SynergyJar© was created to support collaboration between public agencies and transform partnerships across organizational boundaries to exchange and implement best practices.Organizational complacency creates inefficiencies and leads to increased liability. Establishing a philosophy of a team is important to organizational productivity. Organizations can overcome challenges through timely interaction with sister agencies that have managed these risks more efficiently. SynergyJar provides the space for Agencies to align themselves for the common good of helping one another.

With articulate objectives and direction, we know that we can achieve more. At SynergyJar©, we strive to be the inspiration for owners to act and share their knowledge for the greater good.

"Our platform was created as your bridge to explore, collaborate, learn, and deliver services that address real challenges.

Growing exceptional leaders

SynergyJar© empowers leaders – both inspired and aspiring, to succeed in solving the challenges of developing lasting communities.


We care deeply about your work and your reputation. We will not compromise your information, ethics, values, or professionalism. We take personal responsibility and use good judgment to drive our values in everything we do.

Adopt a culture of continuous improvement

As individuals, we often approach challenges through our instincts and past experiences. Our solutions are individually unique, but when combined, can achieve the greater of both outcomes and create perfect synergy.

SynergyJar© provides access to a myriad of options for a successful outcome. We seeks to provide an “incremental” improvement over time or a “breakthrough” improvement all at once.

Empowering Organizations through Collaboration